Mr and Mrs Graham Middleton - Woodley  Reading

After competitive quotes, my wife and I selected Tracy Averies for our home remodelling project. We felt that we could work well with her to deliver our structure. We were not disappointed.

Tracy and her staff coped excellently with our and our Architect and designer’s requirements, delivering a really high standard of finish and detail, despite uncovering several unexpected structural issues with the building, and coping with some bad conditions during a phase where we had no roof on the house (part of repairing a roof structure issue). Tracy actively engaged with us for this, making a number of suggestions to improve the result. She and her crew also superbly managed necessary priority changes during the project, remaining friendly, courteous and understanding throughout.

The resultant building fully meets our requirements for a lasting home where we can both relax and enjoy life.

We both are exceedingly happy to recommend Tracy and her company to others.

Kind regards,

Mr and Mrs Graham Middleton - Woodley ReadingFeb 2015
Judy Buck - Calcot, Reading

We employed Tracy Averies Ltd for a small job which, in fact, turned out quite complex.

There were several men working in a small space all of whom were brilliant at their trade.

The carpenter, who had the vast majority of the work, never stopped working from the minute he arrived until the light dictated finishing time, only taking a brief lunch break.
His craftsmanship was plain to see and we are delighted with the finished project.

The electrician not only did his part for the planned project but made improvements to the electrics in our house as part of that project.

The plumber also completed his part of the project making improvements to the existing plumbing at the same time.

There were problems at the beginning of the project with the basic digging and construction side but these were solved by discussion and innovative thinking and when the solutions were put in place the finished job was neat and tidy.

The team were tidy in their work, pleasant to talk to and more than willing to explain everything they were doing.

I call them a team because they had to work in the small space at the same time and did so without getting in each others way.

I would highly recommend Tracy Averies & Co, Building Works Ltd to anybody looking for a reliable, efficient and fair priced company to employ for any type of building project.

Judy Buck - Calcot, ReadingJan 2015 - Garage conversion
Roberta and Paer

Dear Tracy

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for helping us making our dream kitchen and garden into a reality.

We know that this could not have been your easiest job, as we kept meddling all the time, and changed and extended the plans as we progressed, but your huge patience, professional advise and enormously competent building-staff humoured us, and we now got more than we expected and what we dreamed off.

You and your staff all treated us very well with professionalism and humour and we would happily recommend your company for any build anywhere.


Roberta and Paer3rd August 2014
Richard and Sharon Heap - Twyford.

Tracy was recommended to us by our architect for our project to substantially extend the ground floor of our house. We met with Tracy to discuss the project and we were really impressed with her professionalism and quiet confidence in her abilities and those of her team of highly skilled tradesmen. We were also grateful for the binder she provided which explained her terms of business and what we could expect from her and her team. Those expectations were always met.

As complete novices to this we found her to be not only a very good builder but also a helpful and insightful guide into turning what we wanted into reality, being honest with us when we had over specified what was necessary but also recommending things that we had not considered.

The financial budget for the works was agreed at the start and was kept to throughout the project together with the timetable agreed. Where financial variations were necessary they were discussed and agreed with us, such as for upgrading the boiler etc. There were no surprises during the project and it came in on budget and on time.

We found her team of builders really highly skilled who take a great pride in their work, the build quality is fantastic.

We have no hesitation in recommending Tracy and her firm to anyone looking for a high quality build professionally undertaken.

Should potential clients wish to view Tracy’s works to our property please contact Tracy and she will liaise with us for a mutually convenient appointment. We are also happy to speak to any potential clients to provide a verbal recommendation.

Richard and Sharon Heap - Twyford.August 2014
Ruth Paul - SingleSport, Pangbourne

I asked Tracy to sort out a leak in my downstairs cloakroom caused by a “cowboy” builder some years ago. It was a great relief that she was prepared to take on such a small awkward job that many builders would not have wanted. From the outset I felt reassured that she knew her business and involved me in the discussion as we tried together to solve the mystery.

At first we thought it was just the join in the feed to the hand basin. Chris very carefully peeled back the paper & chipped away at just a very small amount of plaster to reveal that it wasn’t that simple! They then realised the leak must be upstairs coming down the stack pipe into the ground & then was rising to the point that was showing damp. The upstairs bathroom was fully tiled but luckily I knew that there was a void that could be accessed from the airing cupboard & so Chris cut a hole from there but still couldn’t see a leak. This lead him to realise that the most probable place was where the shower/basin waste joined the stack pipe & he guessed he might see it by cutting a hole at ceiling level in the downstairs cloakroom. Again he did it by peeling wallpaper & cutting the plasterboard carefully. He was right! The repair once found was simple. He couldn’t dismantle it because of it’s awkward location and so applied sealer. They left it a few days to be sure the leak was sealed & then Lee came to make good.

Thanks to Chris cutting so carefully all the bits of plasterboard went back perfectly & the wallpaper was stuck back over the top. I had already established that the wallpaper was out of stock & so their care saved me having to redecorate. Better still by stopping and thinking and talking to me they avoided ripping my en suite apart which would certainly have made a drama out of a crisis!

I added another couple of plumbing jobs whilst they were there. Replacing a rad valve, balancing radiators & moving an outside tap. The valve was straightforward but the balancing meant that for the first time in 2 years I had heat in my conservatory which had defeated previous plumbers & the British Gas engineer. I felt sure that they would just extend the outside tap by running a pipe along the outside wall but I was thrilled that Chris crawled around under the sink and managed to feed it through the back of my cupboards so that its a very neat job. (I think all plumbers should get gym membership to keep them as supple as Chris!)

I felt i had crossed several problems off my list to justify some of the negative feelings of spending yet more money to correct a cowboys work.

It was a pleasure to work with Tracy Chris & Lee, they came when they said they would , answered my emails promptly, respected my opinions and it helped that they were genuinely sympathetic that I had suffered so much at the hands of this cowboy.

Ruth Paul - SingleSport, PangbourneMay 2014SingleSport
Craig Ryan - Moulsford, OXON

Dear Tracy,

I wanted to write to you to let you know how pleased we are with the building work that you and your team have completed for us at 3 North Road. I have to say that your team are very knowledgeable and from a client perspective this has made it a much more enjoyable process than I anticipated, they had solutions and ideas to the inevitable challenges that we came across during the build and took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the decision. This was made more complicated by our need to live onsite for the last 4 months of the build.

The attention to detail and the finish in the open plan kitchen, dining and living room are fantastic, this was key to making the project a success in our eyes and it certainly delivers against this criteria. I would have no hesitation in either using your services or recommending them to others in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Craig Ryan - Moulsford, OXONOctober 2014
Carol Brimacomb - Goring

Design and build new bathroom, put up stud walls between two bedrooms, demolish some existing walls.

“Having never done a building project before I was a bit anxious about the whole process. Tracy’s approach was professional and transparent from the outset and I wasn’t disappointed with the result. Tracy’s team member Lee, who pretty much built my bathroom single handed, was friendly, polite and considerate at all times – in fact a pleasure to have in my home – and I never thought that I would say that about a builder. If I ever need to do another building project I will not hesitate to ask Tracy Averies to help me”.

Carol Brimacomb - Goring16th July 2013
Rachel Bentham - Thatcham,  Berkshire

Tracy Averies and Co. came highly recommended to me through family. Having completed complete flood damage restoration on a property, and also creation of a new Kitchen and lounge.

The property I purchased had been empty and derelict for 7 years and required re-wiring, plumbing, new windows, floor, kitchen and heating system. It also needed the porch re-building and demolition/replacement work. I chose Tracy because she was able to oversee and project manage the variety of work that needed doing.

I was working on a tight three month deadline and the work was completed ahead of schedule due to the careful management of Tracy’s the team: the electricians/plumbers/carpenters/builder were on site with all the materials they needed ordered and delivered in preparation for every stage of the refurbishment process.
All of the staff had a great working relationship and enthusiasm (despite working in freezing temperatures!) for what they were working to achieve, and paid particular attention to tidying and clearing at the end of each day.

Whenever I visited they consulted and discussed all aspects of the project whenever decisions needed to be made, often staying later to discuss the work with me.
Tracy was always quick to contact me, respond and provide useful, informed advice on any questions I had.

Given this was the first time I have undertaken such a project I relied heavily on the expertise of Tracy Averies and Co. to advise me on what I wanted to achieve vs what would and would not work. They consistently found me the best solutions based on budget and viability.

For example – I wanted a window to the side of the front door, however this would have meant less insulation in the Porch. The team were able to advise me on this, and with hindsight now, would have looked rather odd!

There were a few unforeseen issues; in starting work particular team were quick to diagnose a previously unknown gas leak underneath the property! It would have required removing all of the concrete in the kitchen, through the lounge and out of the property, which would have been incredibly expensive. I was informed straight away and given the options of solving the issue. They relocated the gas supply, cutting off the damaged pipes and were still able to deal with all of the issues within my budget requirements.

Tracy also conducted follow up care, visiting on several occasions to check everything was running smoothly: one of my radiators started whistling, and within 24 hours the plumber had come and resolved the issue! All of the safety certificates, warranties and instructions were collated and explained to me when I did not know how to use them (for example the water softener!).

Sitting now with a beautiful new home for my son and I, I would highly recommend Tracy Averies and Co for any building work and have no hesitations about who I would chose for any future work!

My home was completed ahead of schedule and within my budget, with a friendly, professional team of staff.

Rachel Bentham - Thatcham, Berkshire30th March 2013
Maureen and Mark Bentham

Tracy Averies company have been doing building work for us for some 7 years now and we have never failed to be completely satisfied with the result.

From a complete house renovation following the floods in 2007, a kitchen/dining room structural alteration, bathroom and shower upgrade through to internal decoration, the attention to detail has been second to none.

Tracy has always been very honest about what is possible and her ‘team’ are polite, hard working, conscientious, and most importantly work to deadline.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tracy Averies to anyone looking for building work to be done to a high standard.

Maureen and Mark Bentham29th July 2012
Eva Lotta Coulter - Wantage

Dear Tracy
I am writing to thank you and your team at Tracy Averies Building Works Ltd for the renovations you completed for us recently.

You really kept the project running on time even when we experienced unforeseen delays due to extra steel beams being required for the build. With hindsight it was not necessary to hire a separate project manager, given it was much more effective dealing with you directly, and we found your communication to be both clear and straightforward.

As you know our extension and renovation included the addition of a balcony and you were extremely helpful in advising us on the best way in which to address the initial design problems we had.

I found the main building team to be polite, tidy, calm and helpful throughout the build and where there were some items which needed correcting at the end of the project, once notified, they were rectified quickly.

I would be pleased to recommend you to any friends and family embarking on a building project in the future and should we have any further requirements, I won’t hesitate to contact you.

Kind regards

Eva Lotta Coulter - WantageMay 2012
Paul Lewington - Lewington & Son

I am writing to thank you for your building service in which you have provided in order to make the jobs of Lewington & Son successful.

Your service has been outstanding for quite some time now.

In addition to this, your company has used my company for a considerable amount of home improvement work in the past and we appreciate this for generating business for us as well as yourself.

I have no hesitation in recommending ‘Tracy Averies & Co’ to friends, family & other contacts in the future.

Once again, thank you for your service that you provide.

Yours Sincerely

Paul Lewington - Lewington & Son27th August 2010
Graeme Hobbs FCCA Audit partner - Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP

It has been my experience that Tracy not only provides clear concise quotes for work but also provides ideas and suggestions as to what to do when you are in any doubt as to the best way forward.

To date Tracy has solved two particular issues which we have had with our own property where on our own we had been completely at a loss what to do for the best. Tracy comes up with options as to the best ways to tackle a certain job and I believe if you go with her suggestions you will not be disappointed.

Recently we invited Tracy Averies & Co Building Works Ltd to quote to install an air duct from our cooker hood to the outside of the property. On examining the job Tracy quickly advised that what we were trying to do could not work due to obstructions. She quickly came up with an excellent alternative option which involved running the duct round to a disused chimney and we were happy to go with the suggestions.

A clear quote which broke down the costs so we knew what we were paying for, followed by a date that the work would be completed meant that we were confident that the work would go according to plan. We were very pleased with the end product and the manner in which her team completed the job on time, without fuss and at the agreed price.

The ongoing success of Tracy Averies & Co is no coincidence. With a woman’s touch it will continue

Yours sincerely

Graeme Hobbs FCCA Audit partner - Hobbs Granger Roitt LLPHobbs Granger Roitt LLP
Deb Williams - Utiliy Warehouse

Dear Tracy

Over the last six months I have used your services twice and have been extremely pleased with the professional and high standard of work carried out.

More importantly, when due to the extreme weather conditions causing a problem to our garage door, you didn’t hesitate to arrange to come back and fix the problem. The experience I have received in using your company has shown reliability, trust and proved that with a woman’s touch it really will be done!

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends or any businesses when the opportunity arises.

Kind Regards

Deb Williams - Utiliy Warehouse 18th February 2010Utility Warehouse
Graeme Hobbs FCCA Audit partner - Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP

We have had two occasions where we have used Tracy Averies & Co Building Works and as a result of these experiences would have no hesitation in calling them again for any further requirements we have.

We had moss removed from the whole of the roof and new guttering and downpipes fitted to replace faulty once. Prior to the work being carried out, we had a visit to enquire exactly what we wanted doing. On the day the work was carried out, Tracy arrived with the guys who were going to do the work which meant we were not faced with total strangers turning up to our door without introduction and we felt very at ease that the person we had spoken to about our requirements was managing the job effectively.

The work carried out was of very good quality by two helpful and pleasant people ready to answer any questions we had. Given the conditions of wind, rain and bitter cold, they still battled on and completed the job on time.

Yours Sincerely

Graeme Hobbs FCCA Audit partner - Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP21st January 2010Hobbs Granger Roitt LLP
Albert Keeshan, Director - HR Dept

Testimonial for Converting 2 Bedrooms into One & Decorating

Dear Tracy

I am writing to thank you for your Company’s excellent work in carrying out our recent building work. The work was carried out on time, with minimal distruption and extremely competently and i have no hesitation in recommending you to other BNI members and my friends and other contacts.

Yours Sincerely

Albert Keeshan, Director - HR Dept15th November 2009HR Dept
Albert Keeshan, Director - HR Dept

Testimonial for Replacement of Soak Away to Septic Tank

Dear Tracy,

I am writing to thank you for your Company’s excellent work in replacing our soak away. The work was carried out on time, with minimal distruption and extremely competently and i have no hesitation in recommending you to other BNI members and my friends and other contacts.

Yours Sincerely

Albert Keeshan, Director - HR Dept15th January 2008HR Dept